Laboratory Services

As the archaeological field continues to advance and improve, there is a growing need for quality laboratory services of archaeological material. Analyses such as protein residue analysis, macro or microbotanical analysis, or geoarchaeological analysis can address deeper research questions such as stone tool use and functions, diet and food processing, or environmental and cultural histories that help us understand the past.

We are one of a handful of companies that offer specialized archaeometric analysis under one roof, with analysts that work closely together. At Atlatl, we have standardized our services to cater to projects and address exactly what they need through tested protocols, quality reports, and internal editing and dialogue. We have analysts who communicate directly with the client (and each other) to ensure analyses are completed in proper order and produce standardized, complimentary, quality work.

Atlatl is capable of providing specialized archaeological, environmental services, and laboratory services for industrial development or academic projects. Click the tabs below to read details about Protein Residue Analysis, Phytolith Analysis, Geoarchaeological Analysis, Macrobotanical Analysis (seeds, plant parts, and wood charcoal), Phytolith Analysis, Dental Polish Analysis, and Cataloguing Services.

Protein Residue Analysis

Phytolith Analysis

Geoarchaeology Analysis

Macrobotanical Analysis

Dental Polish Analysis

Cataloguing Services