In The News

At times, some of Atlatl’s amazing projects and the community outreach catches some media attention. Here are some of the pieces that showcase the work we do for clients, opportunities we’ve provided for local volunteers, and some of our public outreach. 

2017 – 2019 Fort Macleod Historic Townsite

Extensive excavations were completed at the original location of the town of Fort Macleod, associated with the earliest NWMP fort in western Canada. As part of the project we invited community members and school groups to come dig for a day to experience both archaeology and their local history. A display of some of the artifacts can be seen at the Fort Macleod Museum.

2018 Waterton Fire Excavation

This project was run by Parks Canada but features several of our key staff members. After the Kenow wildfire swept through Waterton Lakes National Park a crew of archaeologists investigated the impacts on previously known sites and identified dozens of new sites that could be readily seen once the dense vegetation was gone.