Archaeological Services

At Atlatl Archaeology, we seek to bring clarity to the role of archaeology in relation to both large and small oil, gas, wind, solar, and infrastructure projects. By removing some of the intermediaries, Atlatl hopes to provide clients with a clear understanding of their Historic Resource Act obligations, the regulatory process, and how to get their work done quickly and efficiently. Some think archaeology is only for educational purposes but when a new building, parking lot, or highway is built, archaeologists are on hand to ensure the safe and fair treatment of archaeological materials and knowledge. In North America these actions are mandated by governments and, like any other industry, is always changing and improving. Atlatl strives to continue to provide the best archaeological services possible to complete projects on time and within budget.

Atlatl can provide specialized archaeological, environmental services, and laboratory services for industrial development or academic projects. Click the tabs below to read more about our work regarding Preliminary Stages, Field Work, First Nations Consultations and Land Use Studies, Archival Research, and Palaeontological Services. 

Preliminary Stages (HRA & SoJ)

Field Work (HRIA, HRIM, Monitoring)
First Nations Consulting & Land Use Studies

Archival Research