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Historic Resource Services
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- Historic Resource Clearance applications (HRC)

Utilizing our rapport with the provincial regulators, we can help you navigate the regulatory hoops of the Historic Resources Act by either walking you through the process or taking care of it for you.

- Historic Resource Impact Assessments (HRIA)

If your HRC doesn't get you clearance, this means a historic resource will be impacted , or is at risk of impact, by your proposed development. A professional archaeologist will need to perform a HRIA, which will include permitted fieldwork and a final report submitted to the government. We will work with you to create a budget and timeline that works with your construction schedule to help get you the clearance you need.

- Historic Resource Impact Mitigation (HRIM)

If an historic or archaeological site is identified during the HRIA, and the proposed development cannot avoid it, mitigation or excavation may be required. The provincial regulators will issue a Schedule of Requirements that outlines what work needs to be done before clearance is granted. We can help navigate this process and complete any mitigation that might be required, again working with you to establish budgets and timelines to keep you on track.

- Historic Resources Impact Monitoring and Post-Impact Assessments

Occasionally, after a HRIA or HRIM has been completed, the regulators will require an archaeologist be present during certain stages of construction as a mitigative option to reduce the impact on resources not identified during the HRIA, or to ensure that construction adequately avoids a nearby resource. We can devise a cost and time efficient schedule that creates the least inconvenience for your team.

- Historic Land Use studies

Sometimes, understanding how an area was previously utilized or developed will have an impact of future plans for that area. We can conduct archival research and field studies to help you understand the history of the area, this in turn may be a useful tool in identifying and avoiding areas likely to have historic resources present. Avoiding these areas at an early stage of planning can make clearance for your project a much easier thing to obtain.

- Archival research

Have an historic homestead you'd like to learn more about, where previous railroad lines crossed through a nearby town, or who is buried in a nearby cemetery. We can conduct archival research on a wide variety of local topics, providing you with the information in an easy to read synopsis.

- First Nations Consultation

First Nations engagement is rapidly becoming one of the first and most important steps when planning developments within specific areas. Through consultation the local Bands are contacted and through meetings and interviews their concerns are compiled and presented to you, the client, so that they can be addressed. Keeping the Bands informed and aware of projects, and taking into consideration their concerns during the planning phases can help smooth the process when the project goes to development. Transcripts of the meetings and a summary report is provided to the client.

- First Nations Land Use studies (TLU/TK)

Occasionally, discussions with First Nations over maps, photos and construction plans is not enough for them to fully understand the project's anticipated impacts to their traditional use areas. In cases like this, we arrange with the local Bands to take participants to the area of the proposed development. This often allows them to more readily identify areas of concern or cultural significance, giving you concrete specifics when looking at mitigation, avoidance or compensatory options. We will help coordinate between you and the Bands to carry these studies out in a timely fashion that keeps your project on track.

Evironmental Resource Services
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- Environmental site selection and impact assessments for oil and gas facilities, transmission lines, access, property development.


- Wildlife and Vegetation Assessment, Wildlife Modeling, Habitat Restoration Plans, Caribou Protection Plans and Compensation Plans.


- Statistical Consulting Services


- Environmental Protection Plans


- Regulatory Applications and Liaison


- Environmental Inspection and Compliance Monitoring


- QAES Assessment, aquatic and riparian investigations, habitat restoration plans and water quality monitoring.


- Greenhouse Gas Tracking and Planning


- Environmental Sub-contractor management and oversight


- Emergency Response Plans