About Us

Rachel Lindemann has over 10 years of experience working in archaeology, in both the academic realm and the Cultural Resource Management sphere. Rachel grew up in the small, southern Alberta town of Pincher Creek, satisfying her love of archaeology and history by working summers at the local museum. Rachel received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Lethbridge before moving to England to complete her Master of Arts in Maritime Archaeology and History. Projects have taken Rachel to diverse locations like Malta, England, Israel, the Yukon and various provinces in Canada. She yearly continues work in Israel on the site of Tel Beth Shemesh, a fortified city that saw massive destruction during the Late Bronze Age. This site acts as a hands-on training ground for archaeologists finishing their undergraduate degrees; ensuring future archaeologists have the practical skills they'll need when they enter the world of CRM is something Rachel feels has immeasurable value.

Rob Wondrasek is Atlatl's senior permit holder, and has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan where he specialized in Plains, Parkland and Boreal Forest archaeology with a focus on the Plains/Parkland archaeology of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Rob has been conducting Historic/Heritage Resource Impact Assessments (HRIA's) and Traditional Knowledge/Traditional Environmental Knowledge (TU/TEK) Studies for over 20 years as a senior Permit Holder within the Canadian prairie provinces, Montana and Arizona. While Rob has worked on several large scale mining, forestry, communication, power transmission, subdivision and SAGD projects within Canada, he specializes in large scale oil and gas pipelines requiring National Energy Board approval. Rob brings an innovative approach to the methodology used for each specific project and has tailored the standard methodologies for archaeological investigation to each individual project. This has allowed his clients to meet their budgetary and timing constraints while meeting or exceeding the standards set by the provincial and federal regulators reviewing the project.

Elsa Perry completed her B.A in Archaeology and Geography from the University of Lethbridge in 2013 and recently completed her Master of Arts in May 2015 from the University of Saskatchewan. Her thesis, centered in Plains Archaeology, focused on McKean lithic resource utilization in Wanuskewin Heritage Park. Elsa is originally from the Kananaskis area south of Calgary and spent most of her childhood exploring the backcountry. She has been working in CRM since 2012 with experience in the Parkland, Plains, Mountain, and Boreal Forest regions of Alberta. Elsa specializes in raw materials and works as both a field archaeologist and a lithic analyst.

Alyssa Hamza  is permit-holding subcontractor who completed her M.A. in 2013 from the University of Lethbridge with an emphasis on Plains Archaeology. She has been working in CRM since 2005, with experience on the Plains, Parkland, Eastern slopes, and Boreal Forest regions of Alberta. Alyssa works as both a field archaeologist and as a lithic analyst. She has also developed an excellent working relationship with a number of First Nations groups, so much so that she was publicly given a Blackfoot name at the 2010 Sundance on the Blood reservation. Her interests include projectile points and lithic tools, raw material types, rock art, and historical archaeology.

Ang Watts is a field archaeologist and faunal analyst with a background in kinesiology. She obtained her  M.Sc. in archaeology from the University of Lethbridge; her research focused on the analysis of butchering techniques at kill sites. Ang has a strong Plains background, excavating and doing the faunal analysis of the Fincastle Kill Site and the Purple Springs site in southern Alberta for 5 years. She has also done preliminary of faunal analysis of remains from Tel Beth Shemesh, Israel for 4 years. Ang is an active part of our public outreach programs aimed at engaging youth in archaeology, and when she's not identifying bones she can be found chasing a soccer ball around a field.

Corey Davis has been part of Atlatl Archaeology since its infancy, he's a graduate of the University of Lethbridge archaeology and geography program and has completed an MA in archaeology at the University of Durham, UK while doing CRM work on the side. In addition to Plains and Foothills excavations in North America, he has diverse excavation experience in Israel, Italy, and Greece. Corey also worked on  a conservation and preservation field study under the direction of Roberto Nardi of the Centro di Conservazione Archaeologica, which outlined proper conservation techniques and methods for limiting site impact. His hobby of building speakers makes him an excellent handy-man to have on any excavation site.

Alexandra Burchill recently joined the Atlatl team and began working in commercial archaeology. She graduated from the archaeology and geography program at the University of Lethbridge in 2012. With the University of Lethbridge, she was able to conduct fieldwork at Tel Beth Shemesh, Israel and Fincastle, Alberta. Alexandra has completed a masters of environmental studies at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Her thesis focuses on the application of phytolith and starch analysis to recover paleobotanical evidence at Brainerd and Laurel sites in northern Minnesota. Alexandra’s research interests include phytolith and starch analysis and identification, the role of plants in pre-agricultural societies, ceramic analysis, geoarchaeology and environmental archaeology.

Rob Taylor is a terrestrial ecologist who completed his B.Sc. in Physical Geography from the University of Saskatchewan in April 2015. His work experience and education has been focused heavily on terrestrial ecology in the boreal, parkland, foothills, montane, and plains ecoregions of Alberta. Rob specializes in vegetation surveys and can spot identify a wide range of grasses, forbs, and woody species. He has previously worked for the University of Lethbridge, Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, and Bow Point Native Plant Nursery. Rob has several capacities within the company and also works as both a field technician and archaeologist as needed.